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Main Street, Chardon, OH
Before the fire of 25 Jul 1868
The courthouse can be seen on the far right


The Courthouse before the fire
Chardon, OH July 1868


The center of downtown after the fire, now known as Chardon Square
The fire originated in Parlin Parkin's grocery store
The courthouse, post office, and many stores were destroyed
25 July 1868



Geauga County Courthouse Today

The Geauga County Courthouse is a major focal point on Chardon Square. Following the great fire of 1868, which destroyed the courthouse along with all the businesses, a new courthouse was built the following year.  The architecture is High Victorian Italianate and was originally constructed with two floors.  A third floor was added in 1964. 

South Newbury (Ohio) Union Chapel

The following article appeared in GEAUGA, A Magazine for the County, Spring 2012, and is "reprinted" here with permission.  The article is titled "Little Chapel, Big Impact: The Story of South Newbury Union Chapel." 

(Download as a PDF)

Pioneer Stories: The Masticks

Nathaniel Mastick and Lydia Caryl Mastick came to Claridon, OH, from MA in 1822 with their 2 sons, Nathaniel and Owen.  While the men folk were felling trees and clearing their farm, she was busy tending to the household duties which included spinning and weaving.  In their haste to get to work the men often forgot to leave her a supply of firewood.  Growing tired of reminding them she placed their dinner one noon on the table uncooked and went back to her weaving.  When her husband and sons saw the uncooked meat on the platter and the raw vegetables, they shamefacedly resorted to the woodpile with their axes.

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