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Upcoming Conferences for 2019-2020

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Past Genealogical Programs by Prominent Speakers

Here’s a sampling of the informational programs by prominent speakers in the field of genealogy that our members and guests have enjoyed.

"Sharing your Genealogical Data - Electronically" by Roger Marble, Genealogist, former Board member of OGS. Sharing and storing your genealogy data. (Nov. 2018)

"Learning about the Ohio Genealogical Society Library" by Tom Neel, OGS Librarian.
Resources available within the Ohio State Genealogical Society. (Sept. 2018)


"Organizing Your Genealogy", Dr. Deborah Abbott, Instructor, Author, Professional Genealogist (Sept. 2019)

"Treasures at the Cuyahoga County Archives" by Dr. Judith Cetina, Archivist for the Cuyahoga County Archives  (Sept. 2020)

"Adding Your Own Stories to Your Family History"  by Sunny Morton, Contributing Editor of the 'Family Tree Magazine' (Oct. 2020)

"It Starts with a Question: Making a Research Plan" by Cynthia Turk, Certified Genealogist  (Jan. 2021) 

"How to use the National Archives Website" by Claire Kluskens, Senior Digital Projects Archivist, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)  (March 2021) 

Other Upcoming Programs/ Conferences 

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