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All eleven books of The Great Migration series by
Robert Charles Anderson was purchased in 2016 by the
Geauga County Genealogical Society and donated to the
Geauga County Public Library, Chardon Branch. They are
available for reference only and are kept in the Anderson
Allyn Room for Genealogical Research. These books are a
great asset for anyone researching their ancestors from the
New England area.

The books are:
The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633. (a 3- volume set).
“Each individual or family entry in this three-volume set includes (when known) the port or
country of origin; when and on what ship they arrived in New England; the earliest known record
of the individual or family; their first and subsequent residences; return trips to their country of
origin; marriages, births, and deaths; and other important family relationships.” Per the New
England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) website.
The Great Migration, Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635. (a 7 volume set A-Y).
The Great Migration Directory: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1640.
According to NEHGS “this complete survey lists the names of all known to have come to New
England during the Great Migration period, 1620-1640. Each entry provides the name of the head of household, English or European origin (if known), date of migration, principal residences in New England, and the best available sources of information for the subject.”

Pioneer Stories: Emily Nash Pike

Emily was born in Plainfield, MA and in 1808, at the age of 2, came with her parents and siblings to join a sister in Troy. Her 400+ page journal has been transcribed and includes over 600 deaths, mostly in Troy before 1867.  She suffered a major stroke at the age of 29 and lamented that she couldn’t kneel to pray.  In spite of her stroke, she outlived a daughter and 3 husbands.  She lived alone on Rte. 700, a short distance south of Rte. 422. One winter her legs froze because she couldn’t pull up the covers and she was taken to her brother’s house where she died 23 Feb 1888.

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